African-American Woman Launches Custom Glam Beach Towels Depicting Stylish Women of Color

Kinyatta Gray, Creator, and CEO of FlightsInStilettos have launched a line of glamorous beach towels depicting women in a stylish and sophisticated manner. These beach towels are nothing short of amazing and needed since women of color are often depicted via less favorable images.

FlightsInStilettos is a brand dedicated to women who enjoy putting their best selves forward when traveling. Through her website, Kinyatta inspires women to think about their travel style and adopt a style that is unique, comfortable and includes a touch of glam!

The Glam Girl Beach Towels are a part of Kinyatta’s larger vision of inspiring a movement of bringing class and style back to travel. Everyone has their own interpretation of what style is, and Kinyatta is very in tune with respecting everyone’s view of what style means to them. Through her website, Kinyatta shares information and resources that are aligned with what style and glam mean to her. Maybe you’ll agree with her point of view and maybe not.

After searching for the perfect beach towel, Kinyatta couldn’t find any beach towels that truly appealed to her personal style. Some towels were overly afro-centric and in other cases were just too plain without enough style and pizzaz to match Kinyatta’s energy.

Kinyatta teamed up with Marketing Consultant Dynisty Howard to bring her vision for glam girl beach towels into reality.

The first two beach towels have a story behind them.

Blessed Beach Babe Beach Towel - this towel depicts a fashionista of color who is at the beach with her favorite beverage and her bible. She's adorned with bling and is wearing a cute iconic pink two-piece swimsuit. Much like Kinyatta, this lady just needed a vacation to kick back, relax, get some reading in and enjoy the wind and beach waves. Can you relate to Blessed Beach Babe?

Boss Beach Babe Beach Towel - this towel depicts a super stylish boss babe who has spent some time at the beach in MIA and now wants to take a stroll along the beach wearing her cute yellow bikini, rocking her stilettos, a sexy hair cut, FlightsInStilettos (I Know I’m Fly Sunshades) and tote, she’s adorned in jewels — a fabulous tennis necklace as well as a sparkly beach cover-up and handbag. She’s truly a boss and is walking along the beach, with yachts and surrounded by palm trees. Can you relate to Boss Beach Babe?

These high-quality beach towels are standard beach towel size, they are made of state of the art microfiber which makes the towels less fluffy than terry cloth but 100% more absorbent. Microfiber beach towels are extremely durable and dry quickly. They are the perfect towel for traveling because they are thin and can easily be packed in an already packed suitcase. The detail and coloring on these towels are simply stunning.

These are high-quality beach towels that you will not soon forget!

These beach towels will be available for purchase during the 1st week of May 2019 right in time for the summer at

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Kinyatta Gray - @flightsinstilettos

Dynisty Howard - @dynistyhoward

Boss Babe Beach Towel

Boss Babe Beach Towel

Blessed Beach Babe Beach Towel

Blessed Beach Babe Beach Towel