FlightsInStilettos Glam Luggage Top Picks

Your luggage is a part of your overall travel style. Please don't get that twisted. It is not okay to pack glorious glam accessories and outfits in a broke down beat up suitcase. Hell to the NO!

In my world, glam doesn't always have to mean expensive. Style doesn't always have to mean expensive. Don't get discouraged when you follow your favorite celebs who make millions and can afford $40,000.00 luggage! That's not the world that most of us function in, therefore, I'm here to show you that you can still look cute & glam on your budget!

Affordable doesn't always mean it has to be cheap, either. You have to shop around and find the best value for your buck. But you don't have to break the bank to exhibit your personal style. I'm living proof of that.

When I travel, I absolutely ensure that my luggage is just as glam as everything that's in it! I have a slight obsession with the My Fly Bags because you can customize these suitcases with your very own high-quality photos. Next, I have a love for vintage style luggage. Glam travel is not new, but it has gotten lost over the years. Women back in the day wouldn't dare show up at the airport in sweats & slippers & hair curlers. Ugggghhh.

There are a lot of small inexpensive things that you can do to step it up when traveling. Having a great looking piece of luggage will definitely enhance your personal travel style. Just google "glam luggage" or "vintage luggage" in order to locate super cute luggage that meets your personal style. Here are a few of my top picks below! (tap the images below to see the next image) Stay glamtastic!

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