I Never Wore Shorts Until I Discovered Khloe Kardashian's Good American!

Look, this is real talk. I never ever used to wear shorts. Primarily because I have thick (but sexy) thighs and my midsection is not exactly slim ad trim. So, in my mind, my particular figure was best complimented in pencil skirts, pencil dresses, and apparel of that nature. In most pictures I am photographed in a sexy dress or skirt.

I purchased shorts in the past looking for that perfect fit and I was simply repeatedly disappointed with how I looked in my purchase.

One day, I came across a Good American ad and saw models that resembled my body type. Truthfully, I had to be honest with my self and face the fact that I needed to order my true clothing size and not the size I wish to be. After browsing Good American, I found a pair of shorts to order.

Once they arrived, I anxiously tried them on. I was scared to look in the mirror because I thought I was going to be disappointed again. I finally made my way to the mirror (I made sure that my hair and heels were on exactly the way I would wear them with the shorts). I looked up, my eyes opened wide, my jaws dropped and I jumped up and down!!! It finally happened!! I found a pair of jean shorts that fit my thighs, was high waisted, and didn’t make me look old. I was so very ecstatic! I almost wanted to cry. I modeled them for my spouse who also confirmed that I looked SEXY!!!! So, that settled it! These shorts were a keeper!

I immediately ordered several additional pairs of Good American jean shorts in different styles - and I LOVE THEM ALL.

Thank you so much Khloe for being considerate of other body types and designing apparel that we can be proud to be spotted in!

To add icing on the cake, I made a little video giving feedback to Good American about my shorts! I also tagged Khloe Kardashian.

I made the video and stated in the video that I hope that @khloekardashian  Or @goodamerican would see the video. But it was totally random! Heck, we all saw that we hope to win the lottery too! So, it was said in that wishful manner, but not imagining it would happen.

Truth be told, I spoke it into existence with an earnest heart.

I spoke it into the universe and went about my day. 

Later in the day I received notifications on Twitter (that I never get!) LOL!

I saw that @khloekardashian had indeed responded to my tweet! I nearly flipped off the couch! I skipped around on my patio and gave my spouse a high five!

In that moment I knew I had spoken that action into existence. @khloekardashian and her team had seen my video! 

Can you imagine how that made me feel? I never expected her to see me, much less, respond. So, folks, anything is possible if you take action and believe! And if nothing else, try Good American!

Me rocking my cute Good American jean shorts!

Me rocking my cute Good American jean shorts!

Here’s my message via Twitter to Khloe Kardashian & Good American and her surprise REPLY to me!!!

Here’s my message via Twitter to Khloe Kardashian & Good American and her surprise REPLY to me!!!