FlightsInStilettos Launches Glam Girl Beach Towels

I am so incredibly excited about the launch of my very own custom designed Glam Girl Beach Towels largely inspired by my real life beach style! Due to my discriminating taste I’ve searched high and low for the perfect beach towel and could never find it! I wanted a beach towel with swag, glam, glitz and with modern day images of women who love the beach and who have style.

My first (of several soon to be released) beach towel designs is called: Blessed Beach Babe. This designed was inspired by my love of the beach and my desire to just kick back on the beach with my favorite beverage and the Bible while enjoying the beautiful sand, breeze and beach waves all while looking sexy and glam. Blessed Beach Babe is wearing a pink ruffle 2 piece bikini inspired by the most iconic beach body of our time @nikkimurphy.

I have worked for months on design concepts for my new line of beach towels and this entire effort came into fruition due to my business partner and marketing consultant @dynistyhoward being able to execute my vision flawlessly. She is the consummate businesswoman with a superior work ethic and integrity! She offers an array of services for aspiring and established business owners!

I’m looking forward to the support of all of my Travelnistas and Fashionistas!!! @flightsinstilettos is a brand for everyone! All that you need is the glam spirit! Pls send me an email at and include your e-mail address in order to be among the 1st to be notified when the towels are available for ordering.

These Glam Girl beach towels are Travelnistas and Fashionistas must haves for the beach season!!!!!

- Kinyatta