Create Your Glamventures List & Execute It

For as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to see Mariah Carey in concert. I could not get enough of "Vision of Love" when it first came out. I sang the song until I went hoarse. LOL. There used to be an ongoing joke between myself and a good friend...we used to always talk about our fondness for both Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey who are pop singers. Back in the day, it just wasn't the coolest thing to be in love with pop music. The "cool" music for my particular group of friends was R&B. So, everyone was vibing off of Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Blackstreet, SWV and the list goes on. I loved these artists, but I got my ABSOLUTE life singing songs by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, secretly, with my friend.

As I got older and learned about the power of vision boards and bucket lists, I created what I now refer to as my Glamventures list. In my head, I see everything several ways, in pink, in bling, and in style. So, I couldn't just make a list and call it a "bucket" list. Not good enough. It's a Glamventures list.

Seeing both Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in concert in the DC area were at the top of my Glamventures list. Sadly, I never got to see Whitney Houston because of her untimely death, but I did accomplish my other goal of seeing Mariah Carey in 2019. Her performance was everything I imagined it would be. And I sang along with her until I went hoarse. If you're into music as much as I am, as my mother the late Beverly Carroll was, you would enjoy this app called Song Kick. Using this app, you can select your favorite performers and the app will inform you of when they will be in a city near you. Isn't that awesome??!

So, you may be wondering what kinds of things would you add to your Glamventures list. Well, here are my recommendations:

- If you've ever wanted to try a new hair color which is the complete opposite of yours, add it to your glamventure list

- High-end luxury handbag

- A piece of exquisite jewelry

- High-end luxury stilettos

- Luxury vehicle

- Luxury travel accommodations (like 1st class airline tickets)

- An exquisite bottle of fine wine

- Glam photoshoot, and

- Fur coat.

Again, the point of this list is to create once in a lifetime experiences that are outside of your norm, that are considered glamorous.

Have fun creating your list. You only live once. I encourage you to live your life to the fullest!

Ready to see Mariah Carey!

Ready to see Mariah Carey!

Me on my bag! LOL

Me on my bag! LOL

Spouse & I are ready to see Mariah Carey!

Spouse & I are ready to see Mariah Carey!