Find Your Motivation, The Weight Loss Will Follow

This week I posted a "mini" big reveal via my social media accounts after working hard for 8 weeks consistently taking my TLC products (TLC Get Fit Kit) and working out up to 4 days per week (30-45 minute sessions); I was super excited to share my weight loss results to date.

I always tell people that I lose weight first in my face and waist! And in my photos, that's where you can see the dramatic results of my efforts. But I will be honest with you, no matter how many supplements you're using to achieve weight loss, it has been my experience that you have to find something that motivates you. There has to be a strong enough reason for you to dedicate another 30-45 minutes of your life exercising (which isn't always fun) although some people find it to be a significant stress reliever.

In my case, when I think about the "why" of my desire to lose weight -- this time my motivation is all about satisfying a promise that my mother and I made together before her sudden passing in the fall of 2018.

Earlier in the year her and I both made these huge proclamations of achieving some major weight loss goals. We had plans to walk laps around a high school track, eat right and hold each other accountable. We also made a bet about who would be the biggest loser and whoever won the bet, would get a mini make-over.

Sadly, none of this will ever come into fruition. In her honor, I must continue to press forward and carry the weight loss torch. I know she would have been the winner because when she set her mind to do something, it got done. When I think about some of the health issues my mom had which were attributed to obesity, I am motivated to press forward. When I think about how she would want me to be in optimal health so that I can spend the better part of my life enjoying my new grandson, just as she enjoyed her grandkids, I am motivated to press forward.

So, your motivation may come from different places, be it a significant life-changing issue that I experienced, or something less emotionally driven, such as an upcoming dream vacation, or maybe even your wedding or maybe you're the mother of a bride or a bridesmaid and you want to look your best. In any case, all of these are strong motivators to lose weight.

Find your motivation and the weight loss will follow.

For more information about the TLC Get Fit Kit, please visit my website at to place your order for the TLC Get Fit Kit and get started next week!

This is indeed a challenge that you have the power to overcome, find your motivation.

Kinyatta’s 8 week results using TLC + Exercise

Kinyatta’s 8 week results using TLC + Exercise

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