FlightsInStilettos Partners With Total Life Changes (TLC)

What does TLC have to do with FlightsInStilettos? Everything.

TLC offers a wide range of products including health & wellness, skincare, coffee, essential oils and Iaso Tea.

Often, when we’re preparing to travel, one of the top 3 things we rush to do is drop 5-10 pounds before our vacation! Whether for health reasons or pure vanity, at some point and time we have all had that desire and have all searched for solutions to assist us in achieving our goals. That’s why I partnered with TLC.

I personally experienced the desire to lose a few pounds before a well deserved vacation. I knew that I wanted to use something safe, all natural and with proven results. I knew that there was no product on earth that you can just take, and then sit on you butt and expect to look like a brick-house. So, I was especially intrigued by the fact that the TLC 30303 program has built 30 mins of exercise into their regiment. Yes, you must also put in some work to achieve your desired results. The TLC 30303 program consists of consistently using 3 signature TLC products, they are: IASO tea, Nutra Burst, and NRG, 30 minutes of exercise per day x 30 days. Easy right? The hardest part of this plan is your decision to commit to the plan.

After 30 days of sticking to the plan, I indeed achieved the results I desired. I was so satisfied that I scheduled a photoshoot while on a luxury vacation.

So, I am pleased to offer this health & wellness component to my business.

The 30303 Get Fit can be ordered at any time through my website at: I recommend that your order your 30303 Get Fit Kit at least 60 days before your trip to ensure that you have enough time to use the products and achieve maximum results.

Photo shoot on luxury vacation.

Photo shoot on luxury vacation.