The Airport Is Like My Runway...Introducing Travel & Slay

I have always felt like those long halls in airports are akin to my personal runway.

Just think about it, there are people from all over the world traveling at any time for any reason under the sun. With that in mind, you are guaranteed to see just about anything! What I choose to observe is everyone’s travel style. It’s like watching a global fashion show. The good, the ugly and the god-awful! It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s inspirational and it also passes the time by.

As for me, since I typically dress up when traveling, there’s something about those long strolls to the boarding gates that makes me feel like I’m walking down a runway. I hold me my head up and I strut my stuff in my stilettos while pulling my custom suitcase. And if I’m really feeling sassy, I’ll ask Julie to snap my pictures to capture the moment! LOL. True airport runway diva slay.

Therefore, my latest design captures the essence and spirit of what I and many others feel when they are traveling through the airport.

Introducing…..Travel & Slay by FlightsInStilettos

A variety of t-shirts and totes will be available soon with my new design. If you’ve never felt like you were on a runway before when strolling down the halls of an airport to the boarding gates, maybe you will now, with inspiration from this t-shirt line. LOL

When on the go, you always must Travel & Pray, along with that, you can Travel & Slay!

I had the distinct pleasure of working with renowned Illustrator /Graphic Designer @chyarii who masterfully created my latest design.

Look out for these products coming soon!!!!

Travel & Slay by FlightsInStilettos

New_FIS Design 1.png