Kinyatta Gray Launches "The Traveling Tiaras" Travel Inspired T-Shirts and Accessories for Girls (Ages 4-10yrs old)

The Traveling Tiaras is not about children traveling in style because that is not important.

The Traveling Tiaras is about our ability as parents to create amazing lifelong memories for our children through travel.

The Traveling Tiaras design concept was inspired by Ava, my toddler cousin, who’s photo was taken while she was at the airport looking out of the window knowing that soon, the trip that she heard her mommy and daddy talk about for months was going to begin at any moment as soon as she boards the plane. How exciting that moment had to be for her. How satisfying it had to be for her parents to accomplish this goal that included exposing Ava to the sights, sounds and smells of a foreign land. That foreign land was Taipei.

Ava waiting to fly to Taipei

Ava waiting to fly to Taipei

This photo touched my heart because this experience is richer than anything that she could have ever read about in a book on Taipei. And her parents knew this and made the necessary arrangements that would allow them to show Ava the world, hence the beginning of building her life long memories.

As a child growing up, I don’t recall ever traveling with either parent. I don’t blame them, they probably never traveled with their parents. The first time I recall traveling by plane, I was an adult, at least 18, and clearly unfamiliar with traveling and it showed. I was ill prepared, rather frightened and totally unexposed to other cultures. I knew then, that I would offer my children something different.

As a single mom, I exposed my children to the local beaches and from there as my income allowed, our travel escalated to Disney World and beyond to destinations requiring passports. Both of my children are experienced travelers and still love to travel.

The Traveling Tiaras is simply an extension of FlightsInStilettos with the purpose of inspiring travel curiosity in little girls around the world. I would like to see a movement — parents capturing their little boys and little girls in complete wonderment of the travel adventures that lies ahead or the memories already created and stored.

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The Traveling Tiara’s line will consist of t-shirts and backpacks initially, and will expand over time. All products will be available for purchase online at

Get ready to give your little princess her traveling tiara!!!!

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The Traveling Tiara (night)

The Traveling Tiara (night)

The Traveling Tiara (day)

The Traveling Tiara (day)