All You'll Need is Your Imagination and Stilettos When Planning Your Next "Inflight Arrangements"

Grab your wine glass, the popcorn or pretzels because this is going to get hot!  And make sure you're not being a conservative prude today...relax a little. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word "Inflight Arrangements"?



The word could mean something different based on how open or closed-minded you are.

When I first discovered Inflight Arrangements I knew exactly what time it was and I was intrigued. You might ask why...the "why" is because I immediately thought about a conversation that I had with a good male friend almost 12 years ago that I will never forget. I always questioned why he shared such a personal experience with me, but after all, we were really good friends. To protect his privacy, I'm changing some of the details slightly. "Mike" shared with me that he had gone on a business trip and during the flight, he met a woman of a different race. "Mike" was definitely a tall drink of water who wore European cut suits. He was traveling to a destination where there were probably only 10 black people in the entire city. On the flight, he met a woman who had no problems letting him know she wanted to spend a night with him because she was always curious about exploring with a man of his race. Apparently, "it" went down in the hotel a few hours after landing.  "Mike" was telling me this story because he could not believe that this woman indulged in her wildest fantasy and was never to be seen or heard from again! LOL I wasn't sure if I was supposed to feel sorry for him, offer to help him find her or what. So, I said the universally acceptable thing: " WOW".

Fast forward to the present.

I was interested when I was approached about doing a collaboration with the creator of Inflight Arrangements . I'd seen a couple of posts on Instagram about Inflight Arrangements and was pleased to know that the creator was also a Flight Attendant. You all know that I love great stories about Flight Attendants. This also meant (to me) that he has both first-hand knowledge and a degree of credibility when it comes to "Inflight Arrangements".  After a series of e-mail exchanges, Kareem and I were finally able to settle down and I interviewed him about his new venture.



Here's the interview:

How long have you worked as a Flight Attendant? Eight (8) Months

Describe your very first flight after Flight Attendant training? The very first flight was exciting. It felt good to finally be able to put all the lessons in training to use. Except for medical training. The passengers were peaceful and polite. The flight was almost 3 hours long so I had time to have a successful Q & A with more experienced flight attendants and enjoy the experience as a whole.

What’s the wildest thing that you have experienced in flight with a passenger? One time during a flight there were a group of women (about 7 altogether) going to Vegas for a bachelorette party. They were wild and having fun. Two of these women showed me a lot of interest and I showed it back to them both. Not wanting to compromise my job and flirt with them for too long, I decided to give them my business card, a free drink and keep it moving to make sure to check back with them every so often to make sure they didn't need anything else.

Of course, all the women were talking very loud, trading stories, speaking about the wedding, the fun they were about to have in Vegas etc. During this same flight, two flight attendants were in the front of the plane trading their own stories about the fun they had with a 'friend' on their layover and how they planned to have just as much fun in Vegas for the 22 hours we would be there.

In the back of the plane was another flight attendant who kept telling me all of their business. At this moment is when I first gave birth to Inflight Arrangements. I was surrounded by people telling other people all of their sexual business. I thought how one day, they might regret telling that particular person what they told them and how if people could talk about their naughty moments anonymously, they would feel better that they could share and not be judged because no one would know who they were.

Later that night. I ended up having a story of my own to tell when one of the girls who I gave my business card to give me a call. I ended up sharing 4 hours of privacy with her only 3 hours after we landed. She enjoyed herself so much that before she left, she told me how impressed she was and because of it, she would have a gift sent to my room. That gift turned out to be one of her friends

What is Inflight Arrangements and what inspired you to start this business? Inflight Arrangements publishes erotic short stories describing the passionate experiences we arrange during our travels. Anyone can anonymously submit their own story to us. We will publish it in one of our monthly eBooks. The story can be as raw as they would like it to be. We do not take out any part of the story. We only dress up the grammar, periods, commas, punctuation marks, etc. How they send it is how we publish it. We want our readers to get the full experience of the person who wrote the story, not a polished version that takes away from the authenticity.

What do you hope to accomplish by sharing these erotic stories? How can my followers learn more about Inflight Arrangements ? I hope to get the V's moist and the D's hard. I hope to make Inflight Arrangements a brand name for those who love erotica. I believe more people should get out and enjoy themselves in the most passionate and sexual way as possible. I hope that more people build up the courage to write and anonymously submit their own stories.

We can be found via Instagram and Facebook @inflightarrangements, but most importantly, we can found on online via our website where the eBooks can be purchased.

What do you like about the brand “FlightsInStilettos”? For one I think the creator behind FlightsinStilettos is hot lol. Actually smoking hot. But professionally, the whole brand itself is truly amazing and long overdue. FlightsinStilettos is classy, sexy and needed.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d offer to someone wanting a career as a Flight Attendant? You have to truly and genuinely like people because you will be dealing with of hundreds of them per day. Always be polished in your attire, be bold, and have an open mind, you never know who you will meet in the air.



This was hands down a super fun interview! Here's why I like Inflight Arrangements -- its REAL LIFE. As Kareem stated, he was on the receiving end of people's innermost secrets, plans, expectations and desires. Inflight Arrangements is providing an outlet for people to share their stories anonymously and safely in a judgment-free zone for adults. I can't think of a better way to cater to adults who enjoy real life erotic short stories.

Read. Enjoy. Indulge. Relax.

Until next time...