Black Flight Attendants USA...Serving You in the Friendly Skies with a Side of "Slay"

I was completely infatuated when I came across BlackFlightAttendantsUSA via Instagram. This page satisfied my every curiosity about what it's like working as a Flight Attendant. I've always considered this profession to be amongst the most elite professions, so to discover that there was a collection of imagery of some of the most stylish and professional African-American Flight Attendants in the business, I had to learn more about the founder of this page and her motivation for launching BlackFlightAttendantsUSA on Instagram. I think you'll be inspired by this interview. I must admit, after meeting a number of Flight Attendants over the last couple of months and hearing their stories, I have truly been rethinking my career choice! I love to fly, and I think that I "slay", so, I really may look into it!

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Samantha F. Middleton of Memphis, Tennessee to learn more about Black Flight Attendants USA, and here's what she had to say...



How long have you worked as a Flight Attendant and for which airline? I've been a flight attendant for 3 years and I currently fly for Envoy Airlines.

What made you choose this career path? I became a flight attendant because of my friend Jordan Courtney. She seemed to be having a ton of fun and I wanted to try it. I wasn’t serious at first and didn’t get it but my good friend Valerie was very persistent about me becoming a Flight Attendant (FA) so I tried again and I got the job.

When did you launch Black Flight Attendants USA, and why? Black Flight Attendants USA was launched September 29, 2016, and It was originally created because when I became an FA I would send my pics to the other FA pages and they would never post me. I thought they wouldn’t post me cause I wasn’t putting on my best so then I started “SLAYING” the game at work and they still would never post me. So I decided to create my own a space for people who looked like me could “slay".



What’s the most challenging aspect of working as a Flight Attendant? The most challenging thing about being an FA for me was training (lol just kidding) but it affects your relationships on every level. Some people don’t really understand the job and because of that, you lose a lot of people.

As a Flight Attendant, how did you hear about FlightsInStilettos and what do you like about the brand? The first time I heard about the brand I was scrolling through Instagram and saw them because the page used one of the hashtags I was following one of the things I love about the brand is the empowerment of women who travel all while looking sexy!!!

What’s the best piece of advice you’d offer to someone wanting a career as a Flight Attendant? The best advice I could give to anyone who is interested in becoming an FA is do your research. Know exactly what you are signing up for. You are not just signing up for free travel -- it’s more to it. So make sure you are aware of what you’re signing up for.

If my readers would like to follow BlackFlightAttendantsUSA via social media, what are all of your social handles? Instagram: blackflightattendantsusa Twitter : BFUSA1

This was such a delightful interview conducted immediately after Samantha's flight landed. What resonates the most for me, (as I'm sure it will for you)  is that when Samantha didn't see people who looked like her being represented on similar pages for Flight Attendants, and when her pics were not accepted for posting on other pages - she did what a true trailblazer would do -- built a door, opened it and pushed that door wide open to accept others in. That's what true leadership is.

I am so honored to have been able to meet Samantha and to expose her to my brand FlightsInStilettos and to expose YOU to BlackFlightAttendantsUSA!

Until next time...